The Power of Network-Conscious Supply Chain Planning in Enhancing Resilience

The Power of Network-Conscious Supply Chain Planning in Enhancing Resilience

The Power of Network-Conscious Supply Chain Planning in Enhancing Resilience

The consistent lack of essential materials and components, coupled with interruptions in the logistical flow of supply chains, has perpetually stood as one of the most significant hurdles in supply chain planning. These disruptions are inherently difficult to forecast, introducing a level of uncertainty that can render plans infeasible, subsequently casting adverse effects on numerous downstream areas, such as shop floor operations.

Over recent years, there has been an exponential surge in the frequency and magnitude of these disruptions, affecting all regions and markets almost uniformly. This surge has led to heightened risks in logistics and frequent production standstills, often exerting detrimental influence on a company’s business continuity, expansion endeavours, and overall profits.

Of particular note, disruptions within the logistics domain have posed substantial challenges to enterprises with intricate global supply chains.

Having clear visibility and promptly identifying events that are leading to or could potentially lead to disruptions, such as delayed deliveries, is crucial. This enables effective preparation and the possibility to adjust strategies to address subsequent risks and consequences effectively.

Collect Valuable Insights And Offer Organisation-Wide Transparency

Various approaches exist for procuring insights from the real world concerning disruptions. Frequently, delays are only acknowledged once the expected arrival time has passed and the delivery remains undelivered. Initial alerts and information from the broader network, if received at all, are typically amassed in an unstructured manner through phone calls and emails from suppliers or third-party logistics providers, often becoming obstructed within the information flow.

SAP Business Network presents analytical tools such as Intelligent Insights, providing customers with a global logistics command centre that oversees all freight operations and shipping routes across multiple transportation modes. This system is enriched with external risk data and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) details.

User-friendly colour codes and filters enable users to concentrate on the most crucial activities and notifications. When faced with a critical alert, users can delve into the specifics of freight orders, including planned and reported shipment events, along with estimated time of arrival. SAP Business Network for empowers clients to comprehensively examine object and order progression. For instance, if a ship’s arrival is delayed due to adverse weather or port congestion, the platform aids in comprehending how this delay ripples down to affect associated purchase orders.

These disruptions, communicated by logistics providers or relevant visibility providers, are assessed through a collaborative effort between the SAP Business Network and the ongoing geo-location updates of the vessels.

From Insight to Impact to Action 

Supply Chain Planning displays a significant interest in this information, as it serves as a key recipient of the updated delivery schedule. It’s important to note that not all instances of delay will create widespread effects across the supply chain network, and not all resulting effects will carry significant risks. Nonetheless, thoroughly evaluating these effects on plans, production orders, and customer requests remains crucial for a comprehensive understanding of all disruption dimensions.

When viable alternatives are lacking or disruptions occur within a short-term framework with notable financial impacts, planners are promptly alerted. These notifications encompass impacted orders and the associated revenue that’s at stake. Subsequently, planners can delve into additional options that algorithms might not have the capability to access. This might involve collaborating with the procurement team to identify substitute suppliers or, as a final resort, directly informing crucial clients about potential delays. By taking these steps, the continuity of the business relationship is upheld.

Operational efficiency can be enhanced by leveraging a unified business network that seamlessly links buyers and suppliers on a global platform. This Business Network equips you with valuable insights and knowledge to enhance decision-making throughout your business’s lifecycle. At CJV Partners, we specialise in simplifying business complexities, offering a conduit to sustain customer relationships through a technologically empowered network at an optimised cost. It establishes a singular point for managing logistics transactions, exchanging documents, and achieving transparency throughout the entire value chain.

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