Supplier Enablement

Driving Value by collaborating with

Over 3.1 million companies use SAP Business Network today. However, a number of these companies are not fully utilising the benefits that SAP Business Network has to offer. The Business Network Supplier Portal can be overwhelming for suppliers, and we notice that some organisations find it challenging to translate the benefits to its suppliers and some suppliers find these features to be too technical to apprehend.

To achieve successful adoption of your procurement platform, suppliers need to be able to transact business on the SAP Business Network. With access to the right expertise during the onboarding process, they can join smoothly and successfully, enabling you to do business with them in a mutually beneficial way.

But few organisations can effectively target and onboard hundreds of suppliers. The enablement service, supported by our service experts, provides the expertise that ensures frictionless onboarding for all suppliers, regardless of location.

What’s Involved

Customised Strategy: Design and develop an effective enablement strategy for suppliers based on their profiles, aligning with SAP best practices.

Onboarding Services: Provide a scalable and end-toend approach that drives supplier adoption across a range of business processes using the SAP Business Network.

Adoption Monitoring: Assist customers with updates on supplier adaptation to new processes and how business is conducted with the new solution.

Health Checks and KPIs: Help businesses build and review the “touchless” rate KPI and other KPIs for SAP Business Network value realisation.

Supplier Education: Promote early engagement in suppliers’ training and support by providing user guides, FAQs, technical documentation, and seminar enabling better buy-in.

PDF Invoicing via SAP Network: The PDF Invoicing functionality opens a new channel for suppliers and enables them to upload or send digital PDF Invoices created in their accounting systems to the SAP Business Network.

Migration: Our custom solutions provide a hassle-free migration of open documents to the SAP Business Network, during go-live.

Error Handling and Resolution: Error handling can be challenging and needs technical knowledge to understand.