Sourcing and Procurement

Negotiate best-value sourcing

CJV Partners ensures optimisation within supply chain solutions with SAP Ariba’s 360 model. Connecting to a powerful supplier network that is built with superior tools, expertise, and information helps negotiate best-value sourcing agreements. SAP strategic sourcing solutions has more than 6.7 million companies on its network. By digitalising and fully integrating your source-to-pay process with SAP Ariba, your business will receive data-driven intelligence and supply chain visibility to mitigate supplier risk and achieve long-term resiliency against supply chain disruption.

What’s On Offer

Intelligent Spend Management

Intelligent Spend

Powered by AI, we help automate your spend processes with SAP’s Intelligent Spend Management solution, enabling you to improve the buying experience while also minimising risk for better spend management.

Supplier Management


SAP Supplier Management and Performance provides Supplier 360 profiling, better visibility and better supplier task management with the added benefit of self-service for suppliers.

Strategic Sourcing


The Strategic Sourcing solution from SAP helps procurement manage the end-to-end sourcing, contract and spend management processes.

Direct Spend Solutions

Direct Spend

A solution used in conjunction with The Business Network, Direct Spend helps organisations extend supply collaboration with business partners, ensuring faster time to market, quick and accurate sourcing, order to invoice collaboration as well as maximising visibility and minimising risk.



The SAP Ariba Procurement solution rethinks the experience of procurement by guiding users to the best choice. The solution is designed to automate the procure-to-order process while integrating seamlessly into your ERP system for invoicing and payments.

Financial Supply Chain

Financial Supply

Through SAP invoice Management, businesses can increase supplier adoption of e-invoicing. This ensures business continuity for suppliers and helps automate the early-payment discounting process, from initial offer through to final capture.