The Challenge

ALDI sought assistance from CJV Partners to implement their Ariba Solution and enhance supplier adoption. CJV’s supplier enablement team was engaged to provide advisory services and implement a robust rollout strategy for the SAP Ariba solution. The objective was to increase user adoption without disrupting business operations or the global roll-out of the Ariba project.

The introduction of SAP Ariba marked a significant shift for ALDI, as they previously lacked a system capable of handling contract invoicing and catalogue solutions. All ALDI suppliers needed to onboard the new solution to ensure smooth operations, but accomplishing this at go-live posed challenges due to extensive change management. The strategy became complex due to contract management at both store and corporate levels. However, with the help of CJV’s Supplier Enablement strategy, ALDI successfully implemented Ariba by prioritising supplier adoption, a key driver for project success.

The Solution

CJV Partners’ Supplier Enablement team played a crucial role in helping ALDI achieve solution adoption while minimising disruptions for customers and suppliers. To achieve optimal user adoption, it is essential to create value for both buyers and suppliers. For ALDI, we designed a tailored enablement strategy aligned with the adoption of the solution for each supplier’s profile group. This approach facilitated a successful digital transformation journey for ALDI and its suppliers.

Our team reviewed the solution processes and determined the best strategy for ALDI. CJV Partners assisted in publishing 90 supplier catalogues and 40 contracts efficiently, provided supplier training and onboarding support, and received excellent feedback from ALDI for the roll-out. With our reviews and supplier enablement, ALDI successfully went live on time with the most effective solution adoption strategy. Furthermore, we provided advisory services on contract-based invoicing strategy for ALDI’s business partners, enabling the onboarding of strategic suppliers onto the new solution, resulting in reduced errors and process delays.

Our enablement strategy supported over 180 suppliers in creating catalogues and onboarded them onto the Ariba network. Additionally, we onboarded over 200 strategic suppliers with the right enablement strategy and training ahead of the go-live date, which was crucial for the successful implementation of Ariba in ALDI stores.


CJV Partners was chosen by ALDI for our deep industry knowledge and expertise in SAP solutions. We quickly identified limitations and potential consequences of various options, assessing alternatives to identify the most effective solution for the industry.

Through our collaboration with ALDI, we met the deadline for supplier onboarding and ensured they were “transaction-ready.” We provided comprehensive support to business partners, ensuring a seamless onboarding process. As a solutions partner, we exceeded ALDI’s expectations by offering guidance to overcome procedural challenges and developing customised solutions for specific supplier segments.